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Find yourself writing the same words when taking minutes?

Sound familiar? Download the Practically Perfect PA cheat sheet, which gives minute takers 100 descriptive words to incorporate into their minute writing.

This simple list of useful words will help any Assistant who takes minutes in meetings avoid the 'he said, she said' descriptions. The template helps Assistants make minute-taking less arduous and more efficient. Using this list of words, minutes become easier to read and much quicker to write.

Freeing up your time to do other, more interesting tasks and projects.


Use this template to make minute-taking a breeze

Assistants who download the '100 words to help with minute-taking' will find that they complete minutes much quicker and more effectively.

They will have a useful document that can be used at every meeting so that Assistants do not have to think about which words to use throughout the noting taking process.

Using the template will make the whole process quicker, easier to manage, and free up time for Assistants to complete more rewarding and challenging work.

No more paragraphs full of 'he said, she said'

Ensure your minutes are actually read

Time-saving download for minute taking

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