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​We all know that it's hard to stand out in an interview as many of those applying for your dream job may well have the same skills as you.

So to help our stand out Assistants, well..... stand out, we have created a list of hard skills that are critical for all Executive and Personal Assistants AND an example sentence for each of those skills.

You have done all the hard work gaining these skills. And we have done all the hard work listing them!

​So there's no need to worry if you don't know how to make your CV stand out from the crowd - we have you covered!


Use this guide to capture all of your high-level Assistant skills

Assistants who download the '35 hard skills to include on your EA CV' template will be able to add key phrases to their CV quickly.

When you download the template, you will ensure you have documented all of the skills you have built up over the years working as a Personal or Executive Assistant and use the phrases to promote your work.

Hard skills that you can add to a resume

Phrases to make your CV stand out

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