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This template gives Assistants quick replies to standard requests

Assistants get a ton of emails every day asking the same questions and wanting the same answers.​

​Having a set of standard replies for all the frequent requests Assistants have to deal with will save so much time and energy!​

​Download the template now, set up your email responses and never have to think about it again!


Use this template to create a quick response system for requests

Assistants who download the 'Email Template for Standard Requests' resource will be able to quickly reply to the messages they are sent most frequently, from sales emails to requests for your Executive's time.

Set up autoresponders on your email system, and with a quick click of a button, you will have sent the message straight away without any time needed to craft a reply.

Spend less time in your inbox and more time adding value and working on challenging projects.

Template for over 10 standard emails

Quick responses to sales request emails

A frequently asked questions system for EAs

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