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Download the ultimate itinerary template for business travel.

A well-organised travel itinerary is an essential service that assistants can provide for their managers.
​Think about all the different bits of paper you have to keep with you – tickets, hotel details, travel guides.

Well along with the usual stresses of travelling, your boss also has to attend meetings and act professionally when in many cases they are dealing with jet lag and the continuous business activities back in their office.​

​Download our free travel itinerary template for business travel. This document will keep your Executive organised when you can't be there to do it for them!


Use this template to organise any complex trip.

Assistants who download the 'travel itinerary' template will organise any complex trip for their Executive.

Ensure that you do not forget any details and have covered every aspect of the trip, whether domestic or international.

Capture every piece of travel information

A simple template to copy for every trip

Download and share with your Executive

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